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Project Euler #71

Click here to read the original problem After giving the problem a read, this is how I broke it down in my head. From the set \{(n, d) \mid n<d, d\leq1000000\} find max(\frac{n}{d}) where \frac{n}{d} < \frac{3}{7}. Let’s call \frac{3}{7} target for simplicity. In order to do this efficiently I did…

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(Don’t) Plug in to the future

Latest leaks online suggest Apple is going to the ship the soon-to-be-launched iPhone 12 with no chargers and ear-pods in the box. This has caused widespread debate in the online community; some call it a pure money-grab move from Apple and some consider it a sensible move. Let’s dive deeper into it and see.

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Project Euler #99

Click here to read the original problem So the main challenge here was to be able to compare two different exponents (very large ones) like 632382518061 and 519432525806. 100 such had to be compared and the greatest to be found. To compute even one can take a decent machine several minutes, let alone 100 of…

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